Anatomy Lab:

Well equipped anatomy lab provides access to models, microscope slides and  dissectioning materials utilized in the anatomy and physiology lab. There are also a lot of maps, charts samples and specimens for basic studies of physiology and Anatomy and also access to 3D anatomy.

Physiology Lab:

It provides basic facilities to students to understand the functions of tissues,  organs and systems of body. In addition to this BP measuring, chest auscultation, pulse measurement, Oxygen saturation and Blood tests are also performed. Student may enjoy the slides, projector and practical equipments to develop their physiological concepts.

Biochemistry Lab:

Properly ventilated, spacious and nicely furnished lab equipped with latest instruments and variety of chemicals as per graduate level. Separately arranged temperature control room, charts and periodic tables related to Syllabus contents maintained under proper sanitation arrangements.

Kinesiology Lab:

It contains modern equipments for assessing, treating and preventing movement related illness and injury. It is the environment in which undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty alike can foster their skill and advance the science of human movement.

Pharmacology & Toxicology Lab:

The Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology utilizes the approaches and techniques of pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology to study the mechanisms by which environmental factors interact with and influence critical biological processes.

Microbiology Lab & Pathology Lab:

Microbiology Lab is designed to perform all types of experiments safely. Facilities are available to gain practical knowledge of Parasitological techniques. Pathology, Virology, Bacteriology and Biochemistry in this Lab.

Pharmaceutics Lab:

For compounding and dispensing techniques of different dosage forms this lab provides all basic facilities. This lab also facilities the students in developing a practical approach to good pharmacy practice.

Pharmacognosy Lab:

For the study of medicinal plants i.e extractions, taxonomical studies, economic importance and Pharmaceutical preparations, Pharmacognosy lab is well equipped and provides opportunity for practical studies.

Industrial Pharmacy Lab:

This lab facilitates the Pharmacy Technicians to enhance their ability to conduct R&D procedures. It is a field of production of medicines and to learn new techniques of production.

Biostatistics Lab:

It contains basic facilities for study of biostatistics including exploratory data analysis, distributions, experimental design and hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, simple linear and multiple regressions, analysis of covariance and model selection. Students use various statistical software packages to execute data analysis.

Basic Medical Sciences Lab:

This is a basic lab for undergraduate and graduate students to improve the practical know-how of medical fraternity. Various basic physiological, anatomical and biochemical experiments are performed in it.

Electrotherapy Lab:

This Lab consists of all electro therapeutics modalities. i.e TENS, Ultrasonics, Infrared lamp etc. for pain management.

Computer Lab:

We have well equipped and computer lab with modern instructional facilities. The computer lab is available for students 12 Hours a day for practice and lab works. All work stations have related software and hardware installed on them. Laser printers and Scanners are also available in the lab. Sufficient computers are available for the students with comfortable seating arrangements and latest furniture.


FIHS Library is well stocked and self sufficient in providing textbooks and reference books related to various disciplines of DPT, Pharmaceutical Sciences to the students and professionals.


Study Tours are arranged for the students off and on to remove the drab impact of the intensive study by students. Each department/class arranges the tour separately. Parents willingness is sought for participation of the girl students. Visits to high ranked universities, hilly stations and summer resorts are arranged, based on the interest and the specific utility of the department concerned. Every year, an excursion cum educational trip is planned by the students of FIHS in collaboration with the faculty and administration.


FIHS has hostel facilities available for boys & girls in the close vicinity of its campuses. Hostel facility is available on first come first serve basis because of the limited accommodation. Students are therefore, advised to contact hostel admin at the time of their admission.


Sports are given due importance in the institute. The sports facilitiesd at FIHS include indoor sports as well as outdoor sports. The Institute Sports Board supervises the sports activities. Facilities are provided for all the major sports, including cricket, hockey, football, badminton, basket ball, athletics, etc.


Annual Dinner is also arranged for the students. Dramatic society arranges the dinner. Students are encouraged to participate in these extracurricular activities.